Hydrogen Cyanamide 50% aqueous solution

BudPro offers 10 advantages: 

  1. Highly soluble in water at any rate and suitable for spraying

  2. Induces early budbreak (25-30 days after application)

  3. High Percentage of uniform bud opening. Untreated plants may take 30 days or more to reach maximum budbreak, whereas treated plants reach complete budbreak within 10-15 days

  4. Reduction of apical dominance; More uniform overall shoot-growth

  5. Sprouting enhancement of latent buds. Promotes new development in latent buds. Promotes new developments in blank areas

  6. Uniform bloom and ripening eases harvest

  7. Earlier ripening by 7-10 days

  8. Leaves no unwanted residues in crops or in the soil

  9. Increased berry size

  10. Compared to the brand name product: BudPro has been established to be in all aspects equally effective. BudPro is the smart choice.



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