BudPro (hydrogen cyanamide 50% solution)

Many decidous plants such as table grapes, blueberries, and cherries have chilling requirements in order to break the bud dormancy. Under mild winter conditions, temperatures are frequently too high. The result is delayed, inhomogeneous, non-uniform and reduced bud-break. This causes tremendous economic losses for production in terms of lost harvest, reduced yield per acre and increased farm management cost in treating, thinning, and pickin at serveral different times.


The Solution is BudPro®, a U.S. EPA registered plant growth regulator with the active incredient hydrogen cyanamide in a 50% liquid solution. BudPro® stimulates more uniform bud-break, early foliation and bloom on many decidious plants. BudPro® can effectively compensate for the moderate lack of chilling hours accumulated in the previous autumn, especially in areaas with little to no cold weather such as Southern California and the Southeast region of the United States. Promoting more uniform bud-break in the Spring can have significant benefits in promoting more uniform flowering and more uniform maturity at harvest.



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