When used properly, BudPro® can stimulate stronger, earlier, and more uniform budbreak.

What BudPro does

During winter, deciduous fruit trees must experience a period of cool temperatures to resume growth in the spring. Normal winter weather in most temperate regions typically provides adequate chilling, but deciduous crops grown in warm climates may receive inadequate chilling hours, resulting in delayed and erratic budbreak. Insufficient chilling can be overcome by application of BudPro.

The timing of BudPro application is extremely important in order to achieve the desired response and to avoid  flower bud injury. Apply during the dormant season after significant winter chilling has been received, but before significant flower bud swelling occurs. Apply before a significant number of flower buds reach stage 3. Timing must be based on flower development. If excess floral bud swell and floral budbreak has occurred, chemical injury to buds is highly possible.

Cyanamides are highly toxic, please first read and understand the product label before handling. Follow all safety guidelines outlined in label.



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